Some tips for the UNIX command line

Already a year ago, I was telling you about Basic commands to use the shell on your Raspberry Pi (or any other UNIX-like system). Today I want to add more specific commands or misjudged that could simplify your life.


UNIX commands are countless. Some more or less easy to use or more or less practical. Looking for information I came across an article by Kristof Kovacs on the practical controls but unknown. Having found the idea very good, I share with you the ones that seem to be useful. The name of the package to install is given just under the command if you want to test it.

  • htop

    package : htop
    This is another representation of the top tool. More Visual with search functions, display as tree, htop is also more greedy resource with 10% memory occupied
    Screenshot 2014-09-25 from 20.59.46

  • atop

    package : atop
    Yet another Visual representation for the top command which has each refresh gives only running processes. This command is ideal for tracking consumption (CPU, RAM, etc.) ongoing processes
    Screenshot 2014-09-25 from 21.16.12

  • slurm

    package : slurm
    Command to monitor a network with input/output interface, etc.
    Screenshot 2014-09-25 from 21.31.33

  • dstat

    package : dstat
    This tool is the consolidation of information on the uses of the different resources of the system such as vmstat, iostat and ifstat. The information is detailed and quickly readable. Many plugins are available to enrich the data (wifi, NFS, squid, MySQL, etc.)
    Screenshot 2014-09-25 from 21.45.55

  • ttyrec

    package : tierce
    Allows the recording of your sessions in console mode. The timing (in milliseconds) is also recorded to render using the ttyplay command, your records. To complete your record, you must leave the shell that was created.
    An ideal control to save the tutorials so that you can replay them at home ? 🙂

  • mtr

    package : mgr
    Tool that combines ping and traceroute. Statistics on each bounce are displayed.
    Screenshot 2014-09-25 from 22.06.48

  • iftop

    package : iftop
    To know all traffic inbound and outbound on your interfaces. Handy to know what is happening on the network.
    Screenshot 2014-09-25 from 22.13.22

  • iptraf

    package : iptraf
    Even more thorough and using an interface to select what you want to monitor, iptraf allows you to track your bandwidth usage
    Screenshot 2014-09-25 from 22.20.41

  • lftp

    package : lftp
    A tool to make the FTP command line, easy to use in scripts, can resume interrupted downloads, with multiple connections, etc.
    Screenshot 2014-09-25 from 22.29.01

  • ack

    package : ack-grep
    A tool replacing grep with highlighting, filtering on files or their extensions.
    Screenshot 2014-09-25 from 22.33.53

  • cloc

    package : cloc
    Ideal for counting lines of code in your files (Even archived)
    Screenshot 2014-09-25 from 22.46.00

Thanks to Kristof for making me discover these commands !

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