Raspberry Pi transform a Wi-Fi hotspot easily with a script

If you want to configure a Raspberry Pi to offer hotspot Internet access you may have tried several solutions with more or less success with that proposed same here. To simplify this whole configuration, I suggest a script to run.

WiFI-Hotspot-Raspberry Pi

Combine installations and configurations of different tools to a captive portal is not necessarily easy. So what could be simpler than a script that will once configured (in theory) everything for you. You can find the sources Git.

What do you need :

  • A Pi Raspberry 3 necessarily
  • Ethernet cable
  • The feeding of Raspberry
  • A micro SD card of minimum 2GB (I tested with a 4GB card)
  • Internet access …

What is important to clarify is that I made this script from a clean install of minibian which is a version “Server” of Raspbian so without many packages that do not interest us. Remember to enlarge the primary partition before starting : Read this method.

Then install git clone then the project

apt-get install git
git clone https://github.com/pihomeserver/Pi-Hotspot.git

You have to run the script

cd Pi-Hotspot
chmod +x pihotspot.sh

Remember that you can change some settings to customize installation as the IP address of hotspot, the network, SSID or root password for MySQL. Everything is done in the first lines of the script.

At the end of the installation, connect to the address specified by the script to access the GUI and create your users Daloradius (more information at the end of this article)

You then :

  • Your visible access point all devices in the corner
  • CoovaChilli which will offer a login screen to devices connecting to the hotspot
  • Freeradius to manage users, access rights, hour access, volume, etc
  • Daloradius as web interface to manage your users

For all your questions, use space in Git


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