One file with Seafile for Raspberry Pi

If you are a user of online file sharing tools type Dropbox, Box or Google Drive, can be are you sensitive to confidentiality and privacy compliance management. A solution is the accommodation to house its files to keep control. Many solutions exist as Owncloud or Ajaxplorer. Today we will see how to install the solution Seafile.

Raspberry Pi Home Server Hébergement hosting Seafile

Even if the solution Owncloud is a good one, It remains for me heavy and performance are not so good. More storage with encryption and decryption is done side server which leaves a risk if it inserted on your machine (j’suis pas parano mais d’autres le sont 😉 )

Looking at existing tools, I found Seafile who has numerous praise on several sites and whose performance and security are put forward. Everything I wanted.

Icing on the cake, There is a special Server version for Raspberry Pi so perfect for us !

  1. Install a distro on your SD card. As usual with me I took the distribution Moebius.
  2. Update distribution
    apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y
  3. Install NTP to keep your system time if your distribution does not already have
    apt-get install ntp
  4. Download the server version of Seafile.
    tar zxvf seafile-server_3.1.6_pi.tar.gz
    cd seafile-server-3.1.6/
  5. Install the packages that may be required at Seafile
    apt-get install python-setuptools python-imaging sqlite3
  6. Start the installation of Seafile with the script intended therefor.
  7. Follow the installation instructions
    Raspberry Pi Home Server Hébergement hosting SeafileRaspberry Pi Home Server Hébergement hosting SeafileWith the installation really script succeeded, you know what you need to open port if you are behind a firewall or on your box :
    Raspberry Pi Home Server Hébergement hosting Seafile
  8. Remains to run the Seafile server for the management of files
    ./ start
  9. You must also start the Hub part that will allow connections. The first launch will ask you to create an administrator account.
    ./ start

    Raspberry Pi Home Server Hébergement hosting Seafile

  10. You can now connect either via the web interface
    Raspberry Pi Home Server Hébergement hosting SeafileEither through a thick client on computer (links are available directly at the bottom of the page of the Web interface) or even on Tablet !
    You can create your libraries, add files and then share them as in Dropbox with links that you can send to friends.
    Raspberry Pi Home Server Hébergement hosting SeafileThe result is quite stunning side performance. I have not tested with 25 people at the same time but the difference with Owncloud is really obvious. It is fluid and really responsive.


If you want to share files or synchronize them between multiple machines, I can only advise you to try Seafile !


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