Install a mini Raspbian on your Raspberry Pi by network

More a presentation than a real tutorial, You can install simply and quickly a minimalist version of Raspbian up-to-date.

Raspberry Pi Home Server network raspbian

In my articles, I often start from the distribution Moebius who is a minimalist version of Raspbian but unfortunately not up-to-date and therefore must have a long update after its installation.

With raspbian-ua-netinst, You can install a version of Raspbian up-to-date and with the minimum necessary to log in a simplified way (for the 'server' version).

For this, you must :

  1. Download the 9 MB image on this page
  2. Copy the content of the archive to the root of your SD card which must contain a single partition formatted as FAT32
  3. Insert the card into the Raspberry
  4. Connect the Raspberry

Nothing simpler than that !

Being without screen, I launched a ping on my Raspberry to detect the final reboot which allows to connect in SSH to your freshly installed system.

Raspberry Pi Home Server network raspbian

About the installation time, 10 minutes were necessary for me to be able to connect to the Raspberry.

Occupation memory after update and reboot is 35 MB :

Raspberry Pi Home Server network raspbian

The distribution has many features :

  • Choose a static IP or DHCP
  • Fit on a 512Mb card
  • The NTP process is installed by default
  • Use of fake-hwclock to save the system time when the power off
  • The /tmp partition uses a tmpfs filesystem to improve performances
  • Possibility to install the main partition on a USB device system

After the first boot, Remember to configure the local and timezone :

dpkg-reconfigure locales
dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

If you want to configure and customize the installation, you can use a text file including all options (a lot of options !) are explained on this page. You can easily create an image with Nginx installed by default.

I found my SD card initialization method for my future articles ! 🙂


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