Transform your Raspberry Pi in thin client

In the business and now also at home, virtual servers proliferate. To connect, no need for a computer last generation with quad SLI graphics cards ! A small computer like the Raspberry can be enough.

Transformer votre Raspberry Pi en thin client

Make your Raspberry Pi a thin client is something simple thanks to the distribution Raspberry Pi Thin Client. Side of the material for your machine, Here is a list of example :

  • A Pi Raspberry
  • A charger with a capacity of at least 1
  • An HDMI cable for your monitor or screen
  • A keyboard and a mouse because we will not be in mode ' headless’
  • RJ45 cable for your network connection or a Wifi key.
  • A USB Hub powered to connect everything.
  • A SD card reader (Optional)
  • Enclosures (Optional)


  1. Download picture of distribution Raspberry Pi Thin Client for the Raspberry with packages compiled in hard float : here. This distribution is fully optimized for transforming the Raspberry in thin client. Citrix clients, VMWare, Desktop, VNC, X2Go and many others are already compiled and ready to use.
  2. Update distribution
     sudo apt-get update
     sudo apt-get upgrade -y
  3. Configure wifi if you use a key. You have an example here. In my case, I connected via Ethernet in first then once the wifi configuration completed, I unplugged the cable.
  4. Make the first boot. You will be entitled to a video for the boot of superb quality !

The goal is to connect to a position under Windows 7, I have the install a patch to enable sharing of session on a home edition. Once done, easy to connect :

  1. On Windows 7, enable remote connection. Attention depending on the patch/version installed, you need to set a password for users connecting remotely
  2. On Raspberry Pi, Edit the sample with the right IP address file, login and password.

VoilĂ  !

For me everything works perfectly. Rated performance, It is recommended to have an Ethernet connection. I tested the Wifi and the results are not good : saccades, slow windows refreshments, etc. So it is better the good old RJ45 cable ! 🙂

Have fun.

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