Raspberry Pi et Arch Linux – Monitor the system with Raspcontrol

Monitor what the system, that connects, memory available etc. As many small information that can help or inform them of what is happening on our system.


Here we will install Raspcontrol and either use the built-in web server or use the installed Nginx Web server here.

  1. Download the latest version of Raspcontrol
    wget https://github.com/Bioshox/Raspcontrol/zipball/master o raspcontrol.zip
  2. Unzip the archive
    unzip raspcontrol.zip
  3. Move the directory extracted in /var/www and rename to the passage
    MV Bioshox-Raspcontrol - 694435b/var/www/raspcontrol
  4. Change the Directory rights
    chown-r http:http raspcontrol
  5. Create directory for the configuration file
  6. Create the file /etc/raspcontrol/database.aptmnt with the following content. You can replace Guest/guest by what you want

At this stage, you have two possibilities :

  • Use the web server provided : Edit the file /var/www/raspcontrol/start.sh selecting the listening port and then run the script (the default port is the 80). Connect to use the user defined in the step 6.
  • Integrate Raspcontrol with Nginx we installed here : access is simply to address http://<IP-raspberry>/raspcontrol. Before you may have to modify the variable open_basedir in the file /etc/php.ini by adding the directory /etc/raspcontrol. at the end of the list.

This is for monitoring fast and easy !

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