Raspberry Pi – Install a multi boot with BerryBoot

By seeking to make tests, I arrived to class of SD card. So I wanted to use my 16 GB card to install several distros to test and do not have to save images, restore etc..

The info that you will find are all available on the official website of Berryboot. I translated, adapted some for my use.

  1. Download BerryBoot here
  2. Unpack the archive directly on your SD card formatted in FAT.Here is a very interesting point because no need to go through the command ' dd’ or win32diskwriter or I don't know what software ! And not need to format in a particular way. It starts all alone !
  3. Insert the card into the Raspberry and start. Will need you a keyboard and mouse to switch the configuration steps
  4. Respond to the different to configure the system :berryboot-1If you choose the wifi, told that it works the first time. Personally I bought a wifi dongle to € 5 on alibaba and it works under Raspbmc but not BerryBoot …
  5. The system will then ask what disk format. Choose the SD card.berryboot-2The SD card is the line mmcblk0.
  6. Once finished formatting, You can select the distribution you want to installberryboot-4
  7. Downloading the files will then start. Reste à patienter 😉
  8. Once the distribution charged and installed, BerryBoot proposes to edit a boot menu with possibility to choose a default distribution at boot. To add another distribution, just click on “Add OSberryboot-5
  9. You must then leave the issue to revive the Raspberry. When the menu appears, You can either wait for the default distribution starts, choose another distribution, either edit the boot menu (see step 8)

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