Kinoulink : sharing family photos with a Raspberry Pi

Among the various projects with a Raspberry, There are many that are made by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Yet some go further and to professionalize. This is what a french trio launched with Kinoulink on Ulule for finance.


There are (almost) all made a personal project with a Raspberry, for use at home or in a circle limited. But make it marketable, sustainable and accessible to all, it immediately gets another case, It represents a considerable extra work that goes far beyond the technical.

So a little help from the community to promote this work is an obligation ! 🙂 Je vous laisse donc vous pencher sur ce produit qui nous vient du sud et qui sent bon le soleil !

Kinoulink, launches its campaign of Crowdfunding on for the manufacturing and marketing of its 200 first connected objects. Named KinouTV, This connected object based on a Raspberry Pi, connects to your TV HDMI port and connects to the internet via Wifi.

A connected object dedicated to the viewing of photos and videos

The KinouTV is based on a Raspberry Pi and allows to aggregate content private photos/videos and to access it in a simple way on television. Thanks to the KinouTV, users watching a slide show of photos/videos without entering Login/CDM to access the content, the media parading on the television screen and come from smartphones and social networks of contributors. The pairing between the KinouTV and kinoulink accounts, is done through a QRcode reader integrated in our mobile applications (Possibility to enter a code to 6 characters). The KinouTV is suitable for the use of the digital neophytes (Seniors, refractory digital, etc…)

A disposable slide show stunt from his smartphone

To show its latest pictures of holidays on its connected TV, Kinoulink offers Web space www.kinou.TV where a QRCode flashed by the application KinouKam (to perform the pairing) allows project photos/videos and control the slide show directly from its Smartphone.

François on has made a more detailed presentation which will give you additional information.

To learn more :

Good luck to Nicolas, Thomas and Thibault for this campaign, which has already collected 17% € 10,000 necessary to the manufacture of 200 early models.

Do not hesitate to share your feelings on this project and more generally, These projects using a Raspberry Pi.

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