The Raspberry Pi 2 for sale

Some will believe a fish of April in advance, others will push a phew relief ! The Raspberry Foundation has just announced the release of Raspberry Pi 2 !

Le Raspberry Pi 2 en vente - Pi2 ModB 1GB

To the program :

  • A Quad - core A7 at 900 Mhz that must be better than the old smart 6fois
  • 1GB of RAM (Model B double)
  • Future compatibility to Microsoft Windows 10 Yacht (I had not seen it coming that there !)
  • An unchanged price !

Nothing else for this model, the Broadcom SoC remaining identical apart from the CPU. You will find however the memory no longer embedded in the SoC but on the other side of map as much of the clones also maps (I'm talking about here).

Good news for those who want the power and memory. For those who await other developments, It will still be a little bit patient, version 3 may not be to immediately. I am thinking particularly of GigaBit Ethernet or USB 3 that requires a new controller and therefore to review the design of the card.

Bravo to the Foundation for this work !

Source : raspberry-pi-2-on-sale.

For sale and available on Amazon.



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