Raspberry Pi – Listen to your music streaming with Ampache

Here's a new tutorial for remote playback you have at home, and via a functional web interface thanks to Ampache.



We have already seen several method to broadcast your music : MPD and Subsonic. Today it is another tool that you can install : Ampache.

I took as prerequisites that the music would be installed in the directory /media. Here I copied/pasted from my iTunes library directory.



  1. Install Ampache and its themes
    apt - get install –y ampache ampache-themes

    (You may need to install mysql-server)
    When installing validate the configuration of the web server application (an Apache Server)

  2. Change the rights of the directory where is located the Ampache database
    chown -R www-data:www - data/usr/share/ampache/www
  3. Edit the file /etc/PHP5/apache2/PHP.ini and change the value of max_execution_time by setting its value to 60
  4. Restart Apache
    Service apache2 restart
  5. Now you need to connect to the ip of your machine : http://<IP of the raspberry>/ampache
    Check that everything is green and then select your installation language
  6. Step 1 : fill the screen with the information requested to the database
  7. Step 2 : Configure the database. You may need to first download the file /usr/share/ampache/www/config/ampache.cfg.php with the link provided on the page
  8. Step 3 : create an admin for the first connection account
  9. Et hop dès le début une mise à jour 🙂
  10. You can then add your music either from directory on the server or from catalogues already existing on other Ampache servers (It tells you a mega giant music library ? 🙂 )
  11. You can configure your catalog
  12. Here is the result after the addition of music
  13. For a remote connection with an external application, You must allow the use of the API :
  14. You can now connect to your server. IOS you have iAmpache (iPad compatible with zoom) and Amdroid for Android.
    Amdroid : audio player for Ampache on Android

    Amdroid : audio player for Ampache on Android

    iAmpache : lecteur audio pour Ampache sous iOS

    iAmpache : audio player for Ampache IOS

    For a connection from the internet, Remember to open your firewall per port 80 in TCP and use a domain like no - ip name (You can read the tutorial here).

So much for Ampache. On the same principle you can also install Subsonic. The list of guests is available here.

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