Meanwhile... #2

A little review of the news around Raspberry Pi during the past week

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The event


piday 3.14.15. Today is the day of the Raspberry with events across the world. If y has one side of you and you go there, do not hesitate to share your photos !


  • Shailesh-pime. You feel alone, the evening with your raspberry, without friend ? Framboise314 has thought of you and you know offers owners of Raspberry who lives next to you. I am not sure I understood the difference with rastrack, but here it's mainly francophone (for the moment !)
  • Wombat. A prototyping platform where you will find the GPIO, leds, buttons, a 3.3V regulator. I find the super concept and which can prove very convenient for electronic assemblies.


News in bulk

  • Transform a phone to dial through a Pi Raspberry (Korben)
  • The installation of Ubuntu Mate on a Raspberry Pi 2 (Ubuntu Mate Community)
  • Recover data from wireless with several Raspberry DS18B20 1-wire sensors (InitialState)
  • A base of Raspberry Pi and a PiCam electron microscope (PurBeck)

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