During that time … #1

Here is a new series of articles that I hope you will enjoy and will last in time ! 🙂 Vous retrouverez ici des infos trouvées sur ou autour du Raspberry Pi et que je souhaite partager avec vous

PI Home Server - news Raspberry bulk

The event

Happy birthday ! 3 years since the release of the Raspberry and 5 millions of cards sold ! That happiness for all of us.

The tweet

It comes from the Foundation where we can see Eben Upton trying to solder, What it shows is that it's not because you are famous that you can not continue your passion !

The project

A external source of power for your Raspberry via battery, a RTC and a UPS mode ! This is something that many of us seek for and on KickStarter you can invest in what I find being a great solution at an affordable price !
PiJuice (KickStarter).

The person

Dominique de MC Hobby did an article where he explains why Microsoft wants to invest on the Raspberry. Je dois dire que voilà une vision qui m’a énervée mais que j’avais quand même envie de partager avec vous 🙂
Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi.


What's more Geek than to combine Star Wars, Minecraft and the Raspberry !


The other news

Good reading and if you have information or links that you want to share please feel free to do so via comments. You can also contact me to give me any info to be published in the next posts.

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