Map GertDuino for Raspberry Pi – Presentation

I got there a few time a map of extension GertDuino. Successor of the famous Gertboard
, today I make you a presentation.

Raspberry Pi Home Server Carte Board GertDuino

The GertBoard already offered many features but suffered from a few flaws as its size, its price or its documentation. The new map created by Gert van Loo, wants to correct these flaws and offer users the possibility of convening Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi Home Server Carte Board GertDuino

You'll understand, objective n ° 1 of this map is to bring together the Arduino world with Raspberry Pi ! You find yourself so the two rows of female connectors that enable to connect the famous ' shield’ Arduino which will allow you to extend (yet) features.

Raspberry Pi Home Server Carte Board GertDuino

But the card is going in the past by offering features that you will discover.

The Atmega328p microcontroller

Raspberry Pi Home Server Carte Board GertDuino

The interest (in any case for me) map main. You can program the Atmel controller easily micro from the Raspberry. The Atmega328p is placed on a DIP that will allow you to take it out and go put it in other fixtures.

Related to this part of the map, you will find six blue LEDs and two buttons that can quickly be used for your tests without external components. Practice !

You have therefore the two rows of female connectors to connect the famous 'shield'. At home I have one that prototype so I was could not test this part.

The Atmega48 microcontroller

Raspberry Pi Home Server Carte Board GertDuino

The second surprise is an Atmega48 microcontroller still on the same card. It is present to control a RTC clock and an infrared receiver, two missing features on Raspberry Pi (except via adding components on).

The Atmega48 is connected permanently on the Raspberry I2C bus.

A point of caution is that unlike the Atmega328p, the Atmega48 cannot be replaced. So you can program it but be careful, in the event of error or blocking, no replacement possible !

Connectors not used of the Atmega (to the number of 20) are available at the center of the map.

CR1025 battery

Raspberry Pi Home Server Carte Board GertDuino

The map incorporates a location for CR1025 battery. This battery will supply the PSTN integrated Gertduino map. But also feed the two Atmega if map is more powered.

We should just be careful, If you put a battery, the Atmega48 consumption because otherwise your battery will quickly empty. You can switch to ' ultra-low-power’ but be careful anyway.

A RS232 controller

Accessible from the two Atmega and the Raspberry, It allows you to communicate between components.

So how to start ?

Without going into the details, After the card is connected, You must install package ‘arduino‘ then a special version of the program avrdude which will allow the upload of your programs to the atmega of your choice.

You see that ca has therefore nothing complicated. If you are working on the Raspberry Pi you can use the Arduino IDE to send directly your ' sketches’ without using the command line.


For me this card to get the best of both worlds for a price that I find correct (GertDuino map for a little less than € 40). You will be able not only to program the Atmega but also use a set of shields that offer great opportunities.

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