Training free Java for Raspberry Pi through Oracle

If you want to learn Java and especially apply it to Raspberry Pi, be aware that Oracle offers free training for it.

A program of 5 weeks, by reason of 4 from 6 hours per week, to help you build a module that will collect data, store them and return them to the application via Wifi.

The areas that will be shown are :

  • Manipulation of the GPIO
  • Use of the I2C bus for reading of temperature and pressure
  • Get the location from a GPS
  • Store data
  • Restore the data (for example via Wifi)

Vous voyez donc que ça couvre plutôt bien la plupart des projets que nous avons de capture d’information 😉

The training is done in French, with the help of videos, examples, exercises, etc. You are entitled also to questionnaires to validate progress !

All information and registration are on this page. Je me suis déjà inscrit 🙂

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