New version 1.6 of Nginx

Small information, the new version 1.6 of Nginx is in stores for a few days.

To the menu :

  • SPDY support (speedy) 3.1, Protocol initiated by Google and supported by several browsers (IE 11+, Chrome, Firefox 23+). The Protocol allows to accelerate loads of a page via the management of priorities in the elements that make up a page
  • Authentication via an external server
  • Revalidation of the cache through the header “If-modified-Since”. Allows to serve the responses based on the cache managed by Nginx.
  • Several improvements on the SSL layer
  • Improvements on the MP4 streaming

Then, at the outset, version 1.6 is not available by default for our Raspberry Pi. It must pass through the SID repo which is the unstable version of Debian (see here)

The other bad news is that the current version for Raspberry Pi, the 1.4 n'est plus supportée :

It is therefore hoped that soon the Debian repository is updated.

More info here.

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