Raspberry Pi Home Server – Turn on your X-mas tree !

Live with two daughters at home obliges not to do that week-end electronics, especially this Christmas season. Therefore this afternoon, Madam Confetti ordered me a Christmas tree origami. And who says Christmas tree, said Garland !

So if you have :

  • An A4 sheet
  • A Garland battery
  • A Pi Raspberry
  • Free time

For the tree, will need you five squares of paper : 21 x 21, two times 15 × 15 and twice 8.5 × 8.5. Feel free to choose the colors (Let's be crazy !).

For folding is quite simple. You have all the instructions in this article. I also give you the video that is pretty well done.

Here is the result


Remains to connect the rope to the Raspberry :


Passez de bonnes fêtes de fin d’année 🙂


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