Raspberry Pi, Kupiki Hotspot & Patreon – Origins

New project and new approach to wifi hotspot project. The opportunity to do a first status and share the next steps.

Now for a little over a year, my project about a wifi hotspot on a Raspberry Pi was able to mature and evolve to happen now in a stable release, relatively simple and already downloaded 9000 times. For me it is already some success.

The problem experienced by those working on this kind of project, is that it is done on free time and it does not help to move forward and implement new features. The list is also long of what I'd like to see in place and everything is oriented primarily on ease of use. Difficult to reconfigure an OpenWRT or patch a router for a non experienced person.

The idea is to provide an image, easy to install and configure to allow anyone to set up a small wifi hotspot, while respecting the regulations and security. Always 100% free of course. A lot of work still to do so !

I seek now a financing solution in order to devote more time to the project. Kupiki do not generate revenue. He can not move forward with the help of the community and generosity.

It's there that Patreon is going to help the Kupiki project to move forward. Everyone can follow the project and if desired, participate in its funding through various budget ranges (from 1$ per month, that seems to be very reasonable). Each level of investment provides advantages. It is not far from an approach like KickStarter, but there is no need to wait for the project to start a day because here the project already exists ! 👍 The idea for this approach came to me from LuLu, a free firewall on MacOS proposed by Patrick Wardle.

I will now focus on this and share project progress with exclusives for those who wished to contribute and participate in the adventure.

Thank you for your support and your suggestions for improvements !

See you soon !