A Raspberry Pi to secure your 3D printer and laser engraver

Again the Raspberry Pi can help. Not only can control devices like 3D printer or engraver but also help you keep an eye on it during use


Now in possession of & rsquo; a printer Disco Easy de chez Dagoma and d & rsquo; a printmaker EleksMaker A3 Pro 2500mW, I wish to take advantage of both machines, without being present all the time next : l & rsquo; 3d printer c & rsquo; is very long and printmaker smells and smoke so quickly feels ca barbecue !

L & rsquo; idea was therefore to enjoy the Raspberry Pi to be able to control all these people, from a distance, keeping an eye on it and secure. No question of letting it run overnight unattended. It s & rsquo; is mainly to do something else at the same time.

As each machine may be controlled through a web interface, then as well enjoy !




Just now d & rsquo; install & rsquo; all depending on the room where your machines are located. At home j & rsquo; have brought the & rsquo; electricity in a small corner, with an Ethernet cable and not far from & rsquo; ventilation to evacuate odors and fumes.

Here's what it gives once everything set up

Are still some son, arrangements to do but nothing that already allows the webcam to remotely monitor. J & rsquo; have printed a support for the Raspberry camera that attaches to an axis of the & rsquo; printer and thus keeps an eye on devices.

An advice, connect all via an Ethernet cable instead of WiFi otherwise you will a lot of lag in the video.

I am now ready to test the creation of pads with EleksMaker A3 Pro 2500mW without having to stay close to breathe the toxic values ! And n & rsquo; not forget the glasses !

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