Raspberry et retro gaming avec Recalbox

After 5 Raspberry Pi year at home it was time to put in place a real retro gaming platform. Recalbox will be able to make the & rsquo; business easily !

To have a retrogaming solution on the Raspberry you have the choice to do everything manually by installing various emulators, otherwise you can go through turnkey solutions.

Why j & rsquo; have found three distributions :

Then I will not make a great comparison between 3 solutions which are well accomplished. I'll let you read the descriptions on websites. Only downside for me blocking c & rsquo; is the support of Kodi was necessary. And there above Lakka, despite a PS3 interface type enjoyable, seems to have native support without a dual boot.

So I went on retropié s can & rsquo; install on OSMC, that I & rsquo; had already home. No chance, no way to run both without having to reinstall everything. Then Kodi is directly integrated Recalbox. So arbitrarily I went over ! And frankly disappointed, l & rsquo; s interface on a Raspberry Pi 3 is very responsive without necessarily the & rsquo; crazy overclock. C & rsquo; is intuitive, fast, brief perfect for home. J & rsquo; love the principle covers and information that & rsquo; we will be able to display next to each game, the last part, etc.


For a complete set at home you'll need to

  • One
  • One minimum with good performance
  • One

Once you are equipped :

  • Download the latest image recalbox
  • Install & rsquo; image on your SD card. I recommend you Etcher which manages very well the XZ format images, open source and cross-platform.
  • Insert the card into the Raspberry Pi, turn and wait 5 minutes, all s & rsquo; & rsquo appears on the; screen

By default several games without licenses are installed gonna let you be able to test already.

For the configuration, the documentation (in French) really full but mostly you have a beautiful in what you can access via the web interface & rsquo; IP or the recalbox recalbox.local.

And to play ?

  • At home I & rsquo; had already which was immediately recognized
  • J & rsquo; have also tested official (the first PS4), also easily recognized.
  • Finally able to play two with my daughter, j & rsquo; bought . No worries as this side.
  • If you do not want to invest on, with your phone go on & rsquo; IP RecalBox and use it as lever. C & rsquo; is possible for 4 players. Convenient but not necessarily fun because it's still on a screen, it lacks the comfort of real button.

And games ?

So I spend Copyright details where you can download the ROMs that if you have an original game (but it remains important !). Then for the necessary files I helped myself the following sites :

With the default Samba share you can easily drop your files. At worst there is the & rsquo; SSH access (user root, recalboxroot password)

After a 3D printing d & rsquo; a case for Raspberry, everything is now installed discretely behind the TV

You can play !

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