Magazine Hackable n ° 4

One of my (many) Christmas gifts, between a GeekBox, support for iron soldering and other things that will help me, I received a subscription to Hackable. I'm not the type to make you part of my reading especially François of at does this very well (He must live in a press office ! 🙂 )

Le magazine Hackable n°4

My first issue just arrived this morning and I am eager to immerse myself in. So if like me you love your Raspberry and his buddies Arduino, I advise you to go see at the site on the full summary of the magazine (It is here).

However I know that the topic on the Raspberry may not be super interesting, given that it has already been processed tens (hundreds ?) times : What to buy, How to make its SD card, etc, etc. Pity that person embarks on a slightly deeper folder showing way more advanced electronic and software capabilities. It turns round … j’espère être contredit après lecture 😉

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