Raspberry Pi Home Server – Contest, 2 years old, 200 posts and 1 million views !

Raspberry Pi Home Server birthday

This is two years now that I opened this blog and that I'm having fun with this small card. With now 200 articles posted (Yes ok this is the 199eme but let's not quibble eh !), you have access to a great amount of tutorials to create your small home server, make home automation or (a little bit) electronics.

Thanks to you it is more than a million of views since the beginning of the adventure, what is for me a great motivation !

The top 3

Among these articles, some still remain essential great in the world of the Raspberry, this is the case of the installation of Owncloud in HTTPS (Although now I am more with Seafile) who is the great favorite of search engines.

In second place comes weather station project, first project “electronics” for me. A component-based from Ciseco, the final price was high but that was a good idea to engage.

And finally, the DS18B20 1-wire temperature sensor that behind this strange name, allows the Raspberry to easily read the temperature. Raspberry Pi fans must like temperature measurements ! 🙂

OK and after ?

After a passage through an iOS app dedicated to the Raspberry to the questionable success (Bah you can't be good for everything eh ! :-p) I go back to the Raspberry and throws me in new projects with the manufacture of a laser cutter (the first test was a failure but I still try) and in home automation, subject very fashionable. Of course, I'll share changes through several posts.


Leads me now to what will surely more interest you ! The contest !

To celebrate these two years and thank you all, I propose two lots to thank you for being present.

The first batch is a Gertboard card

gertboard card for Raspberry Pi

Gertboard card will allow you to program an Atmega328 but also to extend the GPIO ports of Raspberry, control of stepper motors, convert analog signals to the digital or vice versa. All the information on the official page.

The second lot is a new card : the Arietta G25


Manufactured by ACME Systems, you can find more information about this card on this page.

This card comes with its Wifi module, the related antenna and a micro SD card (4Gb) with the distribution optimized for the Arietta. You can compare with your Raspberry Pi ! 🙂

How to participate

It's really easy. A comment to indicate your interest in one (or the two lots) and voila. You can increase your chances by sharing via the buttons on the left or by following me on Google and Facebook.

It is open to all ! Je trouverai bien le moyen d’envoyer un petit paquet aux vainqueurs même s’ils se trouvent au fin fond de l’Alaska 🙂

The end of the contest is the 24 November and results will be published the 26 !


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