Raspberry Pi : test of the AudiculaPi distribution

At the bend of a search on Google, just after a post on a forum, I came across the project AudiculaPi, a distribution that offers everything you need to turn your Raspberry Pi jukebox. Test.

Test de la distribution AudiculaPi

This distribution is quite original in its design.

  • Reduced size. Only 130Mb on the balance ! A nice SD card and you have storage for your music.
  • It is based on OpenWrt. So you have a HTTPS web interface to fully administer your Raspberry Pi remotely and without command line
  • The MPD service is installed, enabled by default and can be controlled via bluetooth or by LIRC
  • For those who want to add a screen, PyDPF is installed
  • Sleazy to find your Raspberry if you have a Mac
  • Samba for network sharing
  • Icecast to stream your music on the Internet
  • Shairport to make the AirPlay
  • Minidlna for UPnP sharing on your local network
  • SFTPserver as FTP server
  • If you have a Wifi key, the Raspberry can be configured in client or access point
  • DropBear to connect in SSH (Once activated by the Web interface)
  • Python

As you can see, It is already quite comprehensive to make a standalone device.

The first connection must be done in LAN with the DHCP and the web interface. With it you'll be able to change the root password (which by default is empty) that will allow you to connect by SSH.

Screenshot 2014-05-17 from 13.25.18

Then you'll have access to all of the tabs to monitor your system but also to set it up.

Screenshot 2014-05-17 from 16.21.28

You can manage the password, the name of your machine, mount points, services to activate at boot, the crontab, etc. There are also some graphs to monitor the activities of the machine. If you activate a service, you will also have access to its configuration. Here for example the tab for minidlna :

Screenshot 2014-05-17 from 16.24.50

On the principle of embedded distribution I find it awesome. Everything is done from the web interface, It is complete. You can add modules to the kernel for your device support which would not be recognised at the start of the Raspberry.

MPD when it is configured to search in /MNT/media/music but again you can change but this side I have not tested it.

You can download the image here and you can find all the information.

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