Raspberry Pi and Websphere Liberty profile

Today I propose to install an application server on your Raspberry Pi : WebSphere Liberty Profile. Free version of the IBM Websphere solution, You can create and deploy your Java web applications !


  1. Update the system
    apt-get update && apt-get -y upgrade
  2. Install OpenJDK 7
    apt - get install openjdk-7-jdk
  3. Download Websphere Liberty profile. Live, je n’ai pas trouvé car il y a un accord à donner 🙁 Pour le JAR c’est sur this page It's happening. The current version is the
  4. You must then start the installation :
    java - jar wlp-developers-runtime -
  5. You then follow the steps in responding to the various questions
    Screenshot 2014-05-13 from 22.14.02Screenshot 2014-05-13 from 22.18.17I chose the standard installation where the JAR file (/root) but ca is configurable.
  6. Go to the directory of the executable WLP/bin. This is where you can create a server. After the create parameter, Scroll to the name you want.
    ./Server create pihomeserver
  7. By default the server runs on port 9080 and does not accept any connection apart from localhost. To change, It is in the file usr/servers /.<Server name>/Server.XML.
    For remote access, You must add a host clause in the block httpEndpoint. I put a clause to accept all connections.

    host ="*"

    Screenshot 2014-05-14 from 20.42.00Then you add a line to validate your application. You are going to give him the name of the war file which will be deployed and the context (the path that follows the Pi Raspberry IP)

    <webApplication contextRoot ="pihome" location ="PiHomeServerWeb.war" />

    The war file must be deployed in the sub directory apps Server.

  8. You can then start the server.
    ./Server start pihomeserver

    Screenshot 2014-05-13 from 22.29.07

  9. If you go to the directory where you have the installation, you will find the directory dedicated to your server. It is necessary to return to the directory usr/servers /.<Server name> :
    Screenshot 2014-05-13 from 22.32.49
  10. To deploy your application, you copy the file war in the directory apps. It must have the same name as configured in the application in the server.xml file.
  11. Go to your Pi Raspberry with your favorite browser : http://<ip>:<port in server.xml>/<contextRoot in server.xml>
    Screenshot 2014-05-14 from 22.24.02Here is the result of a basic JSP that displays the time. Wow ! 😉

You can get started in the development of JSP, use frameworks such Struts or JSF, etc.

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