A lightweight ultra RSS reader for Raspberry Pi

Today an ultra quick and easy way to have a RSS feed reader : KrISS !


This name it behind to a system that uses the “philosophy” KISS : Keep It Simple and Smart. Everything is in a single file. Integration with the sharer of links shaarli is facilitated, automatic loading, JS and CSS integrated, etc. And the interface is changeable to create his own Visual theme (you will find examples here). Simpler than our installation of Tiny RSS !

So how to install it ?

  1. Install a web server. You know enough to me now, je vous redonne donc le lien pour Nginx 🙂
  2. To update the zone server_name in the Nginx configuration. Otherwise you'll have redirects to localhost …
  3. Download and install the file index.php you'll find here : index.php

And thats it !

The first screen asks you to choose a username and a password

Screenshot 2014-04-21 from 21.56.17

You will arrive on a configuration screen where you can upload an OPML file, Configure menus, etc. Follow the instructions (If you have a problem of language, Click the little flag in the top)

Screenshot 2014-04-21 from 22.38.40

You come back to the main screen with your feeds.

Remember to manage the automatic update via crontab. Everything is in the configuration screen (While down)

Screenshot 2014-04-21 from 22.44.16

Good reading !

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