Data logger – Step 4 – Assembly and test

The series continues this time with the implementation of the various elements in a box then a life-size on a motorcycle test.


Now that could see How to use the different components and implement the software part to save our data, It is time to engage in the “packaging” 🙂

I recovered the box a USB converter – HDMI which is be neither too large and especially not too high for taking to the wind because my main use (or even exclusive) will be on a motorcycle.

For fixing, I used a plastic strap which contains 10 magnets. I cut it into 5 equal parts that I pasted (glue gun and glue strong) at the corners of the box over a piece at the centre.

Finally before putting everything I Redid the wiring on my breadboard for not having big cables everywhere and also to have more room if I want to add sensors or a screen.

I'll let you look at the pictures.

RaspberryPiDataLogger1 RaspberryPiDataLogger2 RaspberryPiDataLogger3

Do not hesitate to share your comments or ideas if you imagine another way to assemble the set.

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