Raspberry Pi Home Server – New project : a data recorder

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This is weeks that the blog lives more than your visits and comments. Mais je n’étais pas loin 🙂


Since I have Raspberry Pi, I have lots of articles on software but little about electronics lack of knowledge. Now that I know a bit more (I'm still level “But what is this capacitor thingy”), I was able to share a few experiences as the DS1820 sensor for temperature or here for a RTC clock.

In fact, These articles were intended to hone my super project (one front “conquer the world” expected next week) : a data recorder !

A data recorder ?

The idea I had in mind was to use the Raspberry as a data collection centre when travelling. Projects such as Yana allow you to collect external data but without roaming (or I have not seen). And it is another level with the commands voice etc. 😉

So here are the main objectives of this recorder :

  • Being mobile : have an external power supply. Batteries, Lipo, battery, etc.
  • Being transportable : the weight even if it is not that of a professional camera must not be a brake for the transport. He must carry it on foot, by bike, etc.
  • Being flexible : power plug easily as desired, so seems it to be easily adaptable and scalable so that everyone can set it up as good.
  • Stay with a reasonable consumer to not shut off at the end of 5 minutes !
  • Usable in a web interface data

What ca will look like ?

Without the final version of the product, I already have the prototype and this is what it looks like :

Photo 1 Photo 2

Yes have wires everywhere but It already works ! 250g on the balance, without batteries (450g with the 6 AA batteries). To remove the wires I think pass either by a plate welding components or using a GertDuino card available from Farnell and manufactured by Atmel. An Atmega 328, an Atmega 48, buttons, LEDs and more built-in RTC clock !. La carte est en cours de livraison 🙂

With a diagram it is surely more simple :


One can imagine extending type sensors with a Wifi dongle to scan the networks around you, Add the camera to take photos regularly (This is my next addition !), etc.

In my case I wanted to recover my data during my motorcycle tours and find them on my computer at home and watch the different statistics or information. So I chose quickly GPS, the gyroscope and the temperature sensor. The RTC clock just ensure that the date of registration of data is correct.

In the next article, I'll more equipment and its implementation in detail. Follow the software part for the acquisition of data, an article on the first tests and finally the refund in a web interface.

See you soon !

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