Raspberry Pi Home Server – Thank you and change for the RSS feed

Hi all,

If you follow the blog via RSS, I warn you that I left at FeedBurner for go to FeedPress because they have a plugin for Piwik which is my statistics tool.

The official URL remains http://www.pihomeserver.fr/feed. So if you use the FeedBurner, pensez à mettre à jour vos bookmarks 😉

Remember to subscribe for not to miss the next tutorial of the century ! 🙂

I use it in passing to thank you for your loyalty and interest in this site. You are more in more to come but also to return (the bar of 100000 unique visitors since the 7 June, date of the establishment of statistics, has been exceeded yesterday). Thanks also to those who do not hesitate to post comments to share their experience or to contact me by email to ask me questions.

If you have any ideas, do not hesitate to share (This is the case of the next article for example)

Cheers for coming tutorials !

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