Raspberry Pi Home Server – Play Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe on your iPad

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With this title, you are going to say what it is doing here. The story begins a few months ago when I find an article talking about the arrival of OpenTTD on the PI Store.
Then there, the memories come back. I spent hours on this game (the original version), to make the lines of train, bus, aircraft, optimize the steps to raise the counter. It is not getting any younger, but at the time it gave me the urge to get back.

So I set aside the idea before the out a few days ago. Not having my Raspberry Pi connected to a monitor or TV, I thought about remote access.

Two solutions for remote access : VNC or RDP. The first via tightvncserver was a big disappointment. Slow and mostly ill-suited color display. So I tried RDP via xrdp. And there is all the same world ! OK ca is not a fluid ultra display but in 800×600 16bits, It's not bad. The prerequisite : the boost to 1 GHz ! I will come back later.


Then it took to find the client to connect. Under Windows, initially there is the Remote Desktop Classic already installed so no worries. In Mac OS, There is the Microsoft's desktop remotely so there connection tool also no worries. Rest the iPad. I didn't think it would be so hard. In the end after a lot of testing to find a correct display, I took ConnectMe RDP. I could put in full screen, manage the keyboard and mouse. We shall return also more later to configure.

  1. Update the system
    apt-get update && apt - get install –y
  2. Install xRDP
    apt - get install xrdp
  3. Booster your Raspberry Pi and set the memory for the GPU.
    Install raspi-config

    apt - get install –y raspi-config

    Run it


    For the overclock, This is the option 7 and select Turbo mode at 1 GHz.
    For memory, from the main menu, This is the option 8 Advanced Settings then A3 Memory Split. Update the value 1.
    You can now restart the Raspberry to take everything in charge.

  4. Here you are with a Raspberry hot Pi ! You can now install Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe, directly from the repositories
    apt - get install –y openttd

    The executable is located in /usr/games. For simplicity for execution but when connecting, you create a script start.sh (Home I put it directly in /root) with the following content :

    #!/bin/sh/usr/games/openttd r 800 x 600 b 8bpp-optimized m null m NoMusic s null s NoSound

    Don't forget to make it executable

    chmod 755 start.sh
  5. Optimization of xRDP. For this we are going to force it in 800×600 16bits. Edit the file /etc/xrdp/sesman.ini. At the end of the file add the following lines :
    param5 =-geometry param6 = 800 x 600 param7 =-depth param8 = 16

    Then restart the service

    xrdp service restart

Your Raspbbery is now ready. Side of the iPad, you installed ConnectMe RDP. You add a new connection with the following parameters :

  • The IP of your Pi Raspberry. If you want to access it via the internet you can install inadyn and use your domain name here.
  • The name of your connection.
  • The name and password of a user who will connect automatically. Home I not followed safety rules, I used root 😉
  • RD Gateway no

So much for the basic settings. You can change advanced settings :

  • Display : 800×600
  • Sound redirection : off
  • Startup program : /your/path/start.sh

You can now run your connection that will start you automatically OpenTTD !
To have the display in full screen, use the icon at the bottom and then tap on the icon “fit”.

You can configure the menu of the game units, the language, the line left or right, etc.
An important point to play on the iPad is the scroll of the land. Real-time normal it is right-click or ConnectMe does not support. To change it, go to advanced settings and activate the scroll with the left button
Sans titre 2

I hope that you can have fun with this game that will promise you long hours of game !

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