Raspberry Pi : you do what your holidays ?

Today with a colleague we were discussing the Raspberry and it asked me for the emulators, if it was simple to install. I slipped him more info RetroPie and he already saw with its lever at bottom for hours ! 😉


It gave me the idea (Thanks Guillaume) to imagine what might serve our small card when we start away from home we.

So some geeks (even nerds) go up to take their soldering iron, their arduino and other essential but for less addicted of us components, We have other utilities. Here are the ones at the what I thought :

  • A Media Player for car. Thanks to a power adapter, a screen with an S-Video input this is what to occupy children during a good time.
  • Still in the car, by changing the SD card, It started on a Raspbian with RetroPie and here you are with a game console !
  • Come on holiday if you have a TV you what watch a movie or play during the long rainy evenings (or rather than play a game of Scrabble with James Grandma)
  • You can leave it to you to monitor your home and use it as an alarm (here or There but with an arduino)
  • You can take a small speaker to vibration, your Raspberry Pi with MPD installed and you have your sono for your pleasure and that of neighbours.
    You can also stream music to your mobile with Ampache
  • You also have the means to recreate the 14 July and set fire (in every sense of the term) with a Las Vegas Fireworks
  • For stay connect even on the beach you can have your computer portable version cyborg
  • Finally for those who place and want to take it easy by the pool sipping a beer, You can drink your own manufacturing with brewpi.

What do you think about ? Have you imagined other uses ?

Happy holidays to those who leave ! 😉

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