A version of Fedora is optimized for Raspberry Pi

Small news tonight. I stumbled by chance tonight on the site of pidora, offering a version of Fedora is optimized for the Raspberry.


Fedora is another distribution but not based on Debian and its deb packages, but who uses a RPM, packaging system used by RedHat.

For the old, RedHat you could install it in you. For a few years, It has become a professional distribution (in my box it comes to Sun M5000 Servers migration to Intel with RedHat servers).

The community has maintained distribution and according to Wikipedia (Fortunately it is there ! 🙂 ), Fedora now released an update all the 6 month to the rhythm of Gnome (but you can install other interfaces). So, you should find all of the tools in relatively recent versions.

In addition, This distribution should soon be found on the official website of the Raspberry. PAS said however that the community is as active as Raspbian, having regard to the advance it has taken !

There it Fedora fans in the room ? 🙂 Je vais tester ça et vous dire comment ça se passe.

More info on Fedora, on Fedora - fr.org and the official site pidora.

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