Raspberry Pi Home Server – Set up a Media Center with XBMC

Today we will see a great classic of the Raspberry which is the installation of a media center to read videos, music, check the weather, your series or movies, broadcast on your Apple TV, etc. The magic tool : XBMC !


Very quickly after the release of Raspberry Pi and decoding hardware in 1080 p capabilities, media center fans have compiled XBMC on our favorite ARM platform. The number 5 The Mag PI already spoke of two distributions including the tool for easy installation.

Raspbmc and Openelec out of the lots for ease of installation and integration approaching perfection !

The features are complete with as I said in the introduction a complete multimedia reading but more handy small also : Airplay built-in, the standard management CEC, the management of external sources (NFS, FTP, Samba), Wifi Setup, etc.

Short of complete tools !

From the beginning, my choice is placed on Raspbmc. Non pas qu’Openelec soit moins bien ou moins complet mais parce que j’ai trouvĂ© Raspbmc en premier 🙂

The installation of Raspbmc is really ultra simple : a UNIX script or a Windows Installer download. And thats it ! Once executed, just answer the questions and the tool will do everything only to configure your XBMC ! Everything in making sure to be up-to-date, Configure Wifi, enlarge the SD card, etc.

For Windows link is here. For UNIX/Mac, It is here.

Initially I wanted to make you a complete tutorial but in the end I found a little no to make the screenshots just translating questions ! So tonight it is a tutorial of feigning :-p

Especially I would like to have the opinion of those who use Openelec and who have tested Raspbmc : What are the real differences between the two systems ? Differences in performance or options ?

Good night !

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