Finally !!!



Finally ! After more than two months of waiting, my order from has finally arrived. I won't have a very positive publicity from this site. The prices are really competitive but unfortunately the service suffers.

I did order the 22 February. The tracking number of the package given to me by the Chinese position seems to be quite bidonne. My parcel was supposed be in France since mid March. And this small package seems to have been the focus of the French customs for a month because the tracking informs me that it has been opened 5 times ! Obviously I have received has never been open. Ou alors les douanes produisent une étiquette en chinois pour cacher leur action et refermer le paquet 🙂

Brief, my temperature sensor, my mini LCD screen and the various cables are there and I prepared one or two small tutorials if I step burn down the House !

See you soon !

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