Raspberry Pi avec Transmission pour vos torrents

Thanks to the Raspberry, It has become easy to launch its downloads. In this article (here for ArchLinux) I had talked about rTorrent with its web interface. More and more I see pass info on another client : transmission. It is lightweight and has everything integrated.


  1. Updating your system

    apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y
  2. Install Transmission
    apt - get install transmission-daemon
  3. You can connect to your machine on port 9091 and you'll have …. a beautiful mistake !transmission-0
  4. Therefore, changing the configuration in /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.JSON
    1. “RPC-whitelist-enabled”: trueMettez set to false to allow all future machines on your Raspberry
    2. “RPC-whitelist”: “”,If you left the whitelist, Add here the IP you want to allow. The mask with * East autorise.exemple : “RPC-whitelist”: “,192.168.1.*”,
    3. “RPC-authentication-required”: true,Update the value false to not have to identify yourself. If you want to authenticate, You can enter values in the following keys :“RPC-username”: “nom_user”“RPC-password”: “password_user”The password will be encrypted during the relaunch of the service
    4. "CPP-port": 9091The port number where transmission will be accessible. You choose.
    5. “Download-dir”: “/var/lib/transmission-daemon/downloads”,A change to make the working directory pointer
    6. "rpc - url": "/mon_chemin/" is an extension of the url to add to access transmission. Here :http://<ip_raspberry_pi>:9091/myPath.
    7. “incomplete-dir”: “/root/Downloads”,”incomplete-dir-enabled”: false,If you want to have a working directory and do not mix files being uploaded and downloaded files. Must be activated with the value true and point to the directory
    8. Restart transmission-daemon. Sure to use the above command below otherwise changes will all overwritten to stopping the service !

      invoke - rc.d transmission-daemon reload
  5. Turning on your browser that is the result :transmission-2You have to add your links.

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