I tested for you ChameleonPi v0.2

Today, day of rest during these well-deserved vacation (If if I assure you), I started in the installation of a new distribution dedicated to games that only those born before 1985 peuvent know ! 🙂


I stumbled on the site ChameleonPi offering a distribution a whole range of emulators of various systems :

  • DOS
  • ORIC
  • ZX81

So I downloaded the torrent, recovered the image and installed it on my small 4 GB SD card. This is the minimum size to copy their backup. Perso, je trouve ça assez gros pour des émulateurs mais les concepteurs ont prévu la place pour mettre les ROMs directement sur the SD card.

Startup is fast and with a pretty nice screen splash picking up the different models of computers that we will be able to emulate on the Raspberry.

Then came a menu with these same images and select the emulator by navigating with the arrow keys. The ENTER key to launch the desired emulator. In short it is not rocket science !

Roma can be filed via FTP or SAMBA sharing which is installed by default.

Some emulators respond well but others do not work. This is the case for AdvanceMAME (that is for me the most important) and dosbox running loop between the autoexec.bat and the config.sys (les anciens comprendront 😉 ). Small bugs surely soon corrected.

No Wi - Fi Setup at the moment but it is expected in future releases. Ditto for additional emulators who will then elongate the list.

So if you are fan of these old games, You can test the distribution. If this is Mame you want priority, wait for the version 0.3 will include RetroArch and therefore everything what need you.

Everything is on This site.

Good games and good holiday for those who have this chance !

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