Configure a USB printer connected to the freebox in CUPS

If you have installed CUPS on your Raspberry Pi (see this article), you could add your printer if it is directly connected to the Raspberry.


If the printer is not on the USB port, There may be small subtleties. Especially if like me your printer is actually connected to the USB port of your freebox. Yet it is relatively simple :

  1. Login to your https Raspberry CUPS server://<ip_du_raspberry>:631
  2. Go to the administration tab
  3. Click on “Add printer”
  4. Choose the IPP Protocol and click “continues”cups-2-1
  5. Enter the address of the printer by entering the address Socket://
  6. Click “Continues” and enter the requested data and the model of the printer that is on your Freebox

Once the configuration is completed you can start printing a test page.

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