Raspberry Pi and Arch Linux – Install minidlna

For ArchLinux, package minidlna is available so the installation is happening as for Debian. So, I'll resume the same instructions of the post here.


As we have already seen with the creation of our disk, We now have a partition for data sharing. My home is in /Media/usbdrive/share. Turn to the installation and configuration of minidlna.

  1. Download and install minidlna. You will need to install quite a package. Many bookstores for codecs I guess.
    Pacman-s minidlna
  2. Update the file /etc/minidlna.conf :
    1. Add the directories that you want to share. Home I added the line :
      media_dir = V,/Media/usbdrive/share/Videos

      It shares the directory by specifying only the videos should be displayed.

    2. Change the type of display on TV. For me I prefer to directly navigate the tree so I use the option ' B’ :
      root_container = B
    3. Change the name that will be displayed on the TV (or console or …)
      Friendly_name = RaspberryPiHomeServer
    4. Automatically enable the discovery of new files. Attention it seems that consumer resources.
      inotify = yes
  3. Restart the service so that it can take into account your library. This operation is to do whenever your library will be changed (unless you have enabled automatic with discovery inotify)
    systemctl enable minidlna systemctl start minidlna

    The first launch will take time to index shared files.

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