Raspberry Pi and Arch Linux : the system setup

By my various testing of installation, configuration, etc. , I realized that there was a working setup for this Arch Linux on the Raspberry Pi distribution. This is what we do !


The installed system, There are small details to configure before you move on to serious things !

  1. Install the development package, necessary to install additional packages
    Pacman-s base-devel
  2. Configure the machine name in the file /etc/hostname
  3. Uncomment your locale in the file /etc/locale.gen. Perso, I use en_US.UTF-8
  4. Generate with the command local-gen
  5. The local used by the system are configurable in the file/etc/locale.conf.
  6. The time can be adjusted by making a symlink between /etc/localtime and the area you want to which is located in /usr/share/zoneinfo /.For the hour of Paris, It must run the following command


Here are for the moment the first settings I found to resolve. There are certainly others that will be added as and when different tests and reviews

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