The next few tutorials …


I have to recognize that since a few days I'm a little lazy with my Pi Raspberry. I received my second precious and the 1st shot (the 256 MB) has received Raspbmc for watching TV via the freebox streams. But good, nothing exceptional. With Raspbmc, it becomes almost an installation to the Windows : next, next, next, reboot, Finish !

Suddenly I'm looking for ideas for the future. Here's what I thought at the moment :

  • Switch to ArchLinux. I read everywhere and on the official forum of the Raspberry especially, that is really an excellent very open distribution.
  • Redo all of the tutorials but for ArchLinux
  • Find a universal Downloader : pyLoad ? Flexget ? Plowshare ?
  • Activate a wrapper Python for Nginx through a WSGI module
  • Has slipped me in a comment a print server. Cups ?

If you have any other ideas, the comments are open ! 🙂

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