A new Raspberry Pi for 2015 ?

Here's essentially what Eben Upton announced as a possibility in an interview with IT Pro.

The current B model starts to create many projects and does not want the release of a new model Vienna break this momentum of creativity. This model should sell until 2020 but then it will no longer be the main model but will be part of a different product catalog.

"A choice between spending a little on each IP to improve performance or give more money to optimize software and ca is beneficial to all, the decision is easy to take."

However don't expect a huge drop in prices because as one might expect, If you can still pull some prices down, There is still a limit that Eben has set to the 20$ :

“In the end, you have to have a CPU, connectors, memory and a printed map. It must then pay for Assembly, the expedition around the world and even though we are an association not seeking profits, some of our partners must still generate some profits."

That leaves of sunny days and beautiful projects in perspective with our favourite toy !

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