How to transform his former MAC console NES with a Raspberry Pi

Projects with Raspberry Pi are more and more numerous and also more and more staggered I find. Between the machines in beer in the housing that we send into the air …

Comment transformer son ancien Macintosh Classic en console NES avec un Raspberry Pi

Today I came across an old post talking of a person who has transformed a Macintosh Classic, victim of a too intrusive hot chocolate in electronics !

This DIYer, Redditor MungoBBQ, has so completely emptied the carcass, including screen which has been replaced by a small TV to 80$ to have the sound without added elements and more. He also added the Lord USB HUB in order to connect the controllers via the adapters USB - NES.

Side software, There is also the classic couple RetroPie / RetroArch which also allows to play gameboy games, SNES, etc

[YouTube =]

This is still a nice emulator for a sum to made reasonable (for those who own a Mac Classic in their attic !)

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