Remote access to the Raspberry with inadyn and no. -

Among the features that you want to, There is remote access. For this we use the service offered by the site no. -


  1. Start by creating an account on no -
  2. Install the client inadyn
    apt - get install inadyn
  3. Create the file with the following data /etc/inadyn.conf :
    -u <user name>
    -p <password>
    -a <created domain>.no - - dyndns_system - background
  4. Changer les droits du fichier
    chmod 600 /etc/inadyn.conf
  5. Create the /etc/init.d/inadyn file
    #!/bin/bash case "$1" in start)
            $0 stop
            $0 Start
            echo "Use: $0 Start|stop|restart|reload"
            exit 1
    ESAC exit 0
  6. Change the /etc/init.d/inadyn file rights
    chmod 755 /etc/init.d/inadyn
  7. Enable automatic loading on every startup
    update - rc.d defaults inadyn

Voilà, a small reboot Server and presto ! un ping vers votre domaine devrait répondre 🙂 Et n’oublier pas de configurer votre routeur pour faire du NAT sur le port qui vous intéresse !

Cheers for the installation of minidlna !

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