A Raspberry Pi Home Server ? To do what ?

OK, so when I first looked on the internet I could do with my new Raspberry Pi, I started my research on the official website of Raspberry Pi. Here you will find many ideas. But perhaps too;-)

Un Raspberry Pi Home Server ? Pour faire quoi ?

The MagPi issue 5

In MagPi magazine #5, They explain everything you need to know to fully install XBMC Media Center. Once installed Raspbmc, I was not really happy with the result. Everything is pretty, It's fast, posted in 1080 p, the videos are decoded by the hardware, etc. Everything looks very good and useful, except that the WAF was not really exceptional ! 😀

On TV, need to change the input, then use a mini dedicated keypad for navigating through the interface, use shortcuts to read, pause or stop the current movie and so on. All this made it look like a command center of a nuclear power plant for Madame and Mademoiselle Raspbmc ! 😀

So I wanted a useful way to use it. Many years from now, I look at disks in Synology :

  • An important storage system
  • Many network protocols: UPnP, DLNA, Samba, FTP, AFP, NFS, etc
  • Some of the technologies Apple Time Machine and Airplay,

Therefore, I wanted the same thing at home, but for a price ! And there, Raspberry Pi will be able to help me!

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