Good bye 2014, Hello 2015

This is a year of complete ! After many projects this year, a new adventure begins !

2015 happy new year

The year 2014 to fence with still a lot of accomplishments listed Raspberry Pi ! Among the projects in your humble servant, one Portal captive wifi If you want to share your Internet connection, one data logger for the bike (among other) or even the file thanks to the awesome hosting Seafile. Not to mention the excellent Lychee to share your pictures with your friends !

After everything what to do 2015 ? And well I have two projects in mind that I wish to share with you !

The first project that I already kinda started was a commissioned by the Raspberry CNC laser engraver. J’ai déjà fait des premiers tests qui ont été un échec retentissant 🙂 Je ne désespère pas d’y arriver et de vous faire des tutos pour vous aider à réaliser le votre.

The second project is a classic of the time : Home Automation ! Then I won't compete with projects such as Jeedom, Domoticz or Ydle. But I want a simple way to create a network of sensors, collect data and render them in a nice interface. The project is underway !

Between the two, I hope to be able to offer other tutorials that you may find useful !

Rendez-vous at the end of the year 2015 to find out if the promises will be kept ! 🙂

Happy new year to all and to all and do not hesitate to share your good resolutions of projects !

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  • TEF

    I wish you a happy new year 2015 🙂

    One question though (simple curiosity), There are really many projects home automation from the pi raspberry, why you want to develop his own rather than participating in existing things ?
    (for example that of Idleman :

    Not a critique, hein 🙂 C’est juste de la curiosité 😉

    I look forward to future articles !

    • Salut et bonne année aussi 🙂
      Je me doutais de la question 🙂 Dans un premier temps je veux développer parce que :
      – I know not much to the Arduino is the way to learn by creating a node is same
      – I find no interface that suits me (pas dit que la mienne convienne aux autres 😉 ). Et puis ca permet de se faire à NodeJS et Angular 🙂
      – I do not want embark me on projects that are multi protocols and complex. I am convinced that a simple project, well detailed must make want to people like me who wants to “just” have info in their home without necessarily having complex Super stuff to put in place. And by having fun with a bit of electronics

      This is in outline. Il ne faut pas hésiter à critiquer ça fait avancer 🙂

      • TEF

        Ok 🙂 Je comprends mieux et je pense que tu as tout à fait raison.

        Many projects should be like this : simple, accessible and effective. If more can have fun while learning something new and complementary with the rest, c’est tout bénef 😉

        J’ai hâte de voir ce que ça va donner 🙂

  • Good year to you also ! I hope that it will be creative because at home we are delighted to take advantage of your small hacks

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