Monitoring du Raspberry Pi avec eZ Server Monitor

Monitorix, Zabbix, OPSView and many others are all tools to have your precious system monitoring. Many others exist, with that I present to you today : eZ Server Monitor


You may want to simply monitor your machine without necessarily have something very heavy. eZ Server Monitor offers a tool for monitoring declined in two versions : a web with a PHP page and one in shell mode. Simple and effective !

Shell version

The installation is really fast :

  1. If you do not already have it, install unzip
    apt - get install unzip
  2. Download the archive with the script.

    wget --content-disposition

    You will have a single text file that contains the script

  3. Make the script executable. At home I have made it executable for all
    chmod 755

Thats all. You can run the script without parameters to see options. The easiest way is to ask him to clear the screen and then display all data :

eZ server monitor - Shell

With the command time, count 2 seconds to show all (without overclock) !

By editing the script you can simply add services, sites, interfaces, etc. Everything is at the beginning of script in a block ' CONFIG’

eZ server monitor - Shell - config

This version is really efficient and uses no resources. Configuration is possible for those who use special tools (InfluxDB ? 🙂 ). Small flaw, I have not found how do a multi-column display that could be really practice rather than having scroller.

Web version

Here also it is fast IF you have a web server with PHP support. If this is not the case, You can find all the information on this page.

  1. Download and uncompress the page
    wget --content-disposition
  2. You get a directory whose content is to move into the directory of your web server

You can now open your browser to get a dashboard web version :

eZ server monitor - Web - config

It's simple and clear. One might wish a small slightly more configurable version, Drag' n'drop, different views, etc. but ca would have made the heaviest project.


You choose the best formula for you ! On my side I chose the web version because on my server I have installed Nginx. The shell version is simple and requires no additional package.

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  • TEF

    Exactement ce que je recherche dans un outil de monitoring depuis longtemps 🙂
    Simple, Clair, effective, consumes little, installs easily, etc…
    For my part, je l’adopte direct 😉
    Nice find ! Thank you

  • DavidBowman

    Super tuto, l’interface web est bien sympa 🙂
    (Personally, I added a small htpasswd to ensure that it is accessible to the first comer)
    Two small questions:
    – Does anybody know why Speed, Cache and Bogomips are not displayed ?
    – You also, on mobile, the interface appears very evil ?

    Thank you ! 😉

    • DavidBowman

      I answer myself: eZ Server Monitor seeks info in/proc/cpuinfo, but on the pi raspberry, It is not there !

      • Hello,

        I am the creator of eZ Server Monitor, the interface is not yet compatible mobile, I'm working ! For the information of the CPU of the Pi, I just buy me the FT2, so I'll be able to work on it to adapt the recovery of information !

        Thanks for the article and returns, It's nice !

  • Version 2.5 de eZ Server Monitor`Web est sortie et apporte beaucoup de nouveautĂ©s :

    Général : nettoyage et optimisations CSS
    Général : design responsive (= affichage compatible mobile et tablette)
    GĂ©nĂ©ral : apparition des thĂšmes ! (voir la doc pour plus d’infos)
    Général : les boutons de rechargements des blocs sont animés
    Général : mise à jour du plugin jQuery Knob
    Général : optimisation de la sécurité (le fichier de config esm.config.json est désormais dans le dossier conf/ avec un htaccessvoir la doc si vous tournez sur Nginx)
    GĂ©nĂ©ral : ajout d’un paramĂštre pour modifier le titre de la page (esm:custom_title)
    – CPU : rĂ©cupĂ©ration de la frĂ©quence pour le Raspberry Pi
    – CPU : ajout de la tempĂ©rature (option pour activer/dĂ©sactiver)
    SystĂšme : various corrections on the recovery of the distrib
    – Swap : Correction if the swap is disabled
    – discs : Adding the filesystem + an option to enable / disable (disk:show_filesystem)
    – recent logins : Added option to enable or disable the block (last_login:enable)
    – Services : ability to check for TCP or UDP
    – Services : option to hide the port number (services:show_port)

    As you can see, le support des Raspberry Pi est amĂ©liorĂ© 🙂

    You can download the v2.5 of eSM`Web here :

    The Bash version has also been updated :

    Général : color enhancement
    SystĂšme : correction on the recovery of the name of the distrib
    – CPU : Correction about recovering information
    – CPU : the script retrieves the frequency properly for Raspberry Pi
    – discs : correction on the recovery of mount points if DISK_SHOW_TMPFS option is false
    – temperatures : recovery tempering for the Raspberry Pi and various improvements

    You can retrieve the version 2.2 eSM`sh of here :

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