Raspberry Pi Home Server – New interface for the weather station

For those who follow the site projects, the first was a weather station with wireless sensors. Today I propose a new web interface a little more design (a matter of taste) and especially more performant.

Screenshot 2014-04-14 from 21.03.14

As for the mobile recorder, You can test this interface on the area of demos on this page.

For this demo, the date is still blocked at the 14 April 2014, the database currently not playing. In the normal version, This is the date of the day that is displayed by default.

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  • Ludovic trim

    Actually it seems much more user-friendly than the first…
    That m has the more secure on the first c is the database in sqlite ( problem d multi-user access)…
    Are you still in sqlite…??

    • Hello,
      Yeah sorry, toujours en SQlite 😉 Maintenant le remplacement avec MySql ne doit pas être bien compliqué

      • Ludo

        I managed to get for the python part…
        Where it gets a little stuck for me this is the Php part…
        I found it but how use me and or place it in the code?????

        // Connect to Database
        $this->mydb = new mysqli('host', 'database', 'user', 'pass');
        if ($this->mydb->connect_errno) { // Error on connection failure
        echo "Failed to connect to MySQL in Construct: (" . $this->mydb->connect_errno . ") " . $this->mydb->connect_error;

        I think that we should replace this:

        class MyDB extends SQLite3
        function __construct()
        $db = new MyDB();
        // Read information about temperature sensors
        $sql = "SELECT * FROM Emetteurs WHERE Type = 'Temp';";
        $ret = $db->query($sql);
        $emetteurs = array();

        I think that I need to change this in index.php of the version weather station project 1 but I don't see how…
        If a kind soul passed by will say a major step!!!!
        Thanks in advance

  • Theo

    Tell me O Chris ! You could make an article that brings together all your tutorials for the weather station ?
    Because I notice that I know quite where to start :/ It is an idea that I find just fantastic, but I got lost in all the posts you did.

    Thank you to you !

    • Hello. Bonne nouvelle si tu as un intérêt à lire les articles 🙂
      Viewing the category “Raspberry Pi – Projects”. You'll find the 2 large projects of the site : the mobile recorder and weather station.
      Tell me if just need you to ca.

  • Theo

    I have a very great interest in your articles you mean ^^
    Yes it is sufficient, But what crashes me this is what article to start, where I started. The rest will follow !

    • The oldest on the subject and then you returns in the posts of category projects :

  • Jon

    hello, I have perhaps not fairly sought, but I can not find where d/l the new interface :/
    It is available ? 🙂

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