Data logger - step 5 -GUI

It is now time to move to the rendering of the data recorded during our walks !
demos data recorder
The GUI is not yet fully finalised but for the more imptatients of you, You can already test to This address.
I count on you to share your comments and impressions !

PS : Thanks to the people of Forum for their comments to improve this project

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  • It is with pleasure that the RaspFR association gives you a helping hand on the forum ;).

    Very nice project !

  • Good evening,
    Very interested in your project for my bike here in Hong Kong ride.
    For the garphique interface I see well the following changes/improvements:
    -1- Meter speed in a separate window
    -2a- all Timeline, whether it's time, speed and temperature or other possible sensor on the same scales (same size on the screen) which will allow a better analysis of datas
    -2b- Another solution would be to add a pointer to the other Timeline than the temp (the top) is easier to locate

    Otherwise good job.
    I look forward to ordering for my feet and find the various accessories here .

    Thanks for good job.

    • Thank you for your feedback. In principle when it points to one of the graphs ca positions other (ok sauf la température depuis que j’ai enlevé la représentation en forme de sonde 😉 )
      For the rest, with the theme it is easy enough to edit/move the small windows.

      And in the end I kinda regret accelerometer me not used much in my case.
      If you use it on your bike, I want photos ! 😀

  • David Hrbaty

    Hello ,
    Great project. I have arduino with gps module which sends data via gsm network to my raspberry pi and save this data in database, bud I have not GUI to show gps data on map. Your GUI is very usefull, do you plan to pulbish source code? Thank you very much.

    • Hi. Please try to download
      But it’s not planned to but that under git for now
      Have fun ! 😉

      • David Hrbaty

        Thank you very much. I will try it and customize to my purposes next week. Thank you very much again. Have a nice day.

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