Data logger - beginning of the web interface

In the suite the data logger project, I started to create the graphical interface. The learning of the different Framework takes time but I think that it is worthwhile. Here are the first results :


Raspberry_Pi_Data_Recorder 2

Here is what I used :

  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap (for the interface)
  • The SB Admin v2 theme
  • Plot.js (for 2D graphics)
  • ThreeJS (for rendering of the gyro)
  • qtWidgets (for the thermometer and the speed gauge)
  • GPS Visualizer for the restitution of the GPS data

At the moment the data is static (except the GPS part) but quickly I hope to be able to read all about it in the recorder SQLite database.

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    Hello , j’avais une question qui me trottait dans ma tete et j’espère que je trouverais mon bonheur sur ce super blog 😀 J’aimerai faire une tablette avec mon raspberry pi et j’aimerai savoir si a partir d’une interface web on peu faire interface de tablette tactile pour le raspberry pi que je pourrais utilisais sans internet .

    • I think that Yes it is possible. It should just work ergonomics so that it can be used well on Tablet. Many applications on iPad or Android are hybrid applications, IE HTML5/CSS3/JS sites that are then placed in a shell (e.g. PhoneGap) to be published on the AppStore or Google Play blinds
      Donc il faut travailler l’ergonomie mais c’est possible 🙂

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