Easily install the Camera Raspberry Pi Pi

Warning : This article has been automatically translated by Bing Translate

Danger : This article has been automatically translated by Bing Translate

Caveat : This article has been automatically translated by Bing Translate

If you just invest a few euros for the camera on the Raspberry Pi module or if like me, a big red snowman filed at the foot of the tree a small box, then it's time to plug the module and test.

Raspberry Pi CameraIn a first step we will see how to connect the camera to the Raspberry and then how to configure and finally how to use for photos and videos.

For connection, This is happening on a connector CSI, specially designed for cameras and offers high. On the Raspberry is between the Ethernet port and HDMI port that ca is going.

Raspberry IP Camera - Port CSI

For information, the other port which it looks like it is a DSI port to connect an external display.

Side camera cable to both sides including one with pins in aluminium.

Raspberry IP Camera - Connectors


It is this face with aluminium connectors that must be directed to the HDMI port.

You open the connector, Insert the cable and close the connector (It forces a little).

Raspberry IP Camera - Connection

Raspberry IP Camera - Connection - 2Here you are with a connected camera.

Now for the configuration, you log into SSH on the Raspberry

  1. Update the system
    apt-get update && apt-get -y upgrade
  2. Launch the utility raspi-config and go to the option 5 :
  3. Restart the Raspberry
  4. You can now take pictures with the command raspistill or videos with the command raspivid. To simply capture an image :
    raspistill o image.jpg

    Here's an image taken with the default settings (the evening with low lighting)

Have fun !

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  • Thanks for this article, I eagerly await some explanations ! For example with Motion, How to make a camera/motion detector…
    Indeed, I have a small little hacked after the passage of Santa Claus, and this camera has a small flaw: software such as Motion does not natively recognize as a camera / webcam. Must be fiddling around to get there, and being novice, It is above my skills. Apparently, Motion should be released a version compatible with the PiCam.

    At the crossing, a full tutorial http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/665518/Raspberry-Pi-as-low-cost-HD-surveillance-camera

    Nice day, and thank you for your articles !

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