Raspberry Pi Home Server – rPlay – Make the audio AirPlay and video without Apple TV

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Since a few days the company VMLite offers a beta version of its software rPlay. The test is so hot ! :-)


At home we have several Apple devices : iMac, iPad, etc. But not Apple TV. So if you want to send the device screen on the TV, Ben can't ! The protocol used by Apple, the AirPlay Mirroring, being reserved for their Apple TV to broadcast on TV.

Since a few days, il est maintenant possible d’en profiter sur le Raspberry Pi grâce à rPlay de chez VMLite. Still in beta, You can get it on simple mail to Info@vmlite.com. You will then receive the link, How to install and a key to activate rPlay. Because Yes, and this is what bothers me, need a key ! It smells good like the tool that it will have to pay on a platform Open Source.

In all cases to install it it is pretty simple :

  1. Update the system
    apt-get update && apt-get -y upgrade
  2. Install the dependencies
    apt - get install –y libao-dev avahi-utils libavahi-compat-libdnssd-dev libva-dev youtube-dl
  3. Update youtube-dl
    YouTube-dl - update
  4. Download rPlay (a good 6 MB)
    wget -O rplay-1.0.1-armhf.deb http://www.vmlite.com/rplay/rplay-1.0.1-armhf.deb
  5. Start the installation
    dpkg-I rplay - 1.0.1 - armhf.deb

    You have a nice warning message.

    [ ok ] Starting rplay:.
    root@raspberrypi:~# ALSA lib pcm.c:2217:(snd_pcm_open_noupdate) Unknown PCM cards.pcm.front
    *** WARNING *** The program 'rplay' uses the Apple Bonjour compatibility layer of Avahi.
    *** WARNING *** Please fix your application to use the native API of Avahi!
    *** WARNING *** For more information see <http://0pointer.de/avahi-compat?s=libdns_sd&e=rplay>

    No need to worry, it comes from the implementation of rPlay. Nothing serious. The app must be in memory

    root@raspberrypi:~# ps -ef | grep rplay
    root 4737 1 0 19:22 pts/0 00:00:00 /usr/bin/rplay
    root 4789 3301 0 19:29 pts/0 00:00:00 grep rplay

  6. You must then activate your copy. For this, go to the page :
     http://<IP of your Raspberry>:7100/Admin

    Attention, Safari seems to cause problems, go through another browser
    The login and the password are the same : Admin
    WindowAt the bottom of page you can enter your license received by email.

  7. A last adjustment : the memory allocation. Ideally it's half for the CPU for the GPU.
  8. If you have not yet connected your Raspberry Pi on TV now is the time.
  9. On your device, for me an iPad, you double - tap on the button, go completely to the left and you can activate the AirPlay
  10. And launch your favorite application
    WP_20130829_001A nice The Block Heads on TV !

There is a little lag time but anything dramatic unless you play a kind of races for example game.

Another thing, VLC did not appear. If the screen freezes. As soon as one leaves VLC screen unlocks.

If there are small side concern performance, It is a very promising app. Remains to know the tariff policy that could tip the balance of the good side and the bad.

[EDIT 30/08/2013] VMlite provides with a Raspberry Model B 512 MB, performance is much better.
For release, It will not Open Source but be sold “at a cheap price”. They have as a project to integrate it into a device. Which in my opinion means that they will release their Google/Apple TV soon !

8 "thoughts on"Raspberry Pi Home Server – rPlay – Make the audio AirPlay and video without Apple TV

  1. Nice as a solution. After that depends on what you want to send on the TV. A Raspberry with OpenElec, and it has an Airplay case to send the video and music. And there the solution is free.

  2. Hello, I discovered your site this weekend super your articles !

    Otherwise I had access to the beta of rplay also I have test and frankly for a beta is really great. I turn with Moebius + rplay and jsuis gusto to see dev one small in any case really cool a little nice management interface and especially not lots of latency even in mirroring. Addition using the screen mode with fill or then just the by the jack in a command line so really top. Better than the Apple TV at this level that offers no other than HDMI audio output.

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